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While most people aren’t exactly fond of insurance, the fact remains that it can be a fundamental building block for a solid financial plan. Many farmers have been saved from financial ruin through the use of “crop insurance.” Isn’t that generally the intent we all have when purchasing insurance? To protect “the crop?” Without risk management strategies, the best-laid plans may be subject to failure.

As a part of the development of your financial plan, I explore the various insurance coverages you have and investigate how they are supporting or, perhaps, hindering your overall plan. Insurance is only of value if it is truly needed and, in some ways, being over-insured can be just as detrimental as being under-insured.

While licensed to provide insurance in the state of Ohio, I do so as a matter of convenience to my clients. If clients have a good working relationship with their agent and their risk management planning is at the appropriate levels, I encourage them to continue with that agent since financial planning is all about relationships. Sometimes, however, clients haven’t been in contact with their agent and their risk management analysis reveals deficiencies. In these cases, I work with an insurance brokerage agency, which can help provide comparative quotes, company financial strength reporting, and assistance in the development of a proper risk management approach.

In order to serve my clients’ diverse needs, I offer a number of different types of insurance, including Term Life, Whole Life, Guaranteed Universal Life, Variable Life, Long-Term Care and Disability Insurance.