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Strategic Partners

“If you’re going to be giving advice, you best be following it yourself."

While the above statement isn’t necessarily a “law of the farm,” it certainly is an expectation on the farm. As a financial advisor, I intend to follow the advice I provide to my clients. Any recommendations I make are ones that I myself would follow. I believe that the most significant aspect of the financial planning process focuses on “relationship.” Without a strong and sustainable relationship, it is likely the planning process will fail or, at the very least, have greatly diminished results.

Just as I seek to develop strong relationships with clients, I am also focused on building relationships with various organizations whose values and goals align with my own. In order to serve my clients in the most effective manner, I have built partnerships with several businesses and groups, including:

United Planners Financial Services of America

This is the broker-dealer with whom I have partnered to handle various items associated with investments, back office support, compliance issues, and other responsibilities. They provide an additional level of support in that they perform “due diligence” on investment providers, ensuring they provide services that meet industry standards. They also provide a high level of freedom and oversight for advisors seeking to provide objective financial services to their clients.

International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC)

The IARFC is a non-profit credentialing organization comprised of successful financial professionals. This organization was formed to foster public confidence in the financial planning profession, to help financial advisors exchange planning techniques, and to give deserved recognition to those practitioners who are truly committed to ethical standards and continuous professional education.

Top-Rated Insurance Companies

Most folks don’t get excited over insurance, and with good cause. Still, the fact remains that insurance planning is a vital part of an efficiently implemented risk management strategy. You can rest assured knowing that every carrier has been evaluated and a conscious determination has been made to utilize them.

Third Party Money Management Firms

My association with various third-party money management groups allows my clients to access many institutional type management platforms, providing management by some of the most renowned names in the industry. Working with third-party money managers also provides additional research and due diligence typically only offered for institutional investors, not the average individual.

Quality Fund Companies

Some clients have specific needs that may not require the involvement of a third party advisor. In those cases, I have access to various quality fund companies that provide both individual investments and a comprehensive suite of asset allocation-specific alternatives.